Your voice is like an Olympic gymnast - keep it in shape and keep it going!

In many walks of life, the human voice plays a key factor in interpersonal communication.


Potentially as flexible as an Olympic gymnast, your voice is an extraordinarily dynamic piece of equipment. And like the athlete, your voice requires care and exercise to get it through its working day.

Most people at some point of their life will experience vocal fatigue to some degree. Whether you are a school teacher, an actor, a business executive,  call centre operator, priest, policeman or politician, if your job requires speaking for any length of time, you will appreciate the need for voice care and healthful usage.




The human voice is highly susceptible to its aural environment, and many aspects of spoken voice - language, accents and mannerisms - have their origins early in life. Mumbling might be the result of long-term admonishment as a child for being "too loud"; nervousness at a young age can often wreak havoc in adulthood, ruining the crucial corporate presentation or wedding day speech.


Rebecca Root helps you first to identify and then resolve the issues surrounding your speech system. She works at the pace best suited to your requirements, intensively or over a period of time. Some of the work is technical, at other times it may call upon your imaginative powers to access an area of your voice you were hitherto unaware of.


Rebecca works one-to-one, or in small pre-arranged groups, in your home, office or hired studio space.